Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We design animated short films, music videos, illustrations, graphic designs, posters, t-shirt designs, sticker design. Alt!/Anything!
We want to create something that we are proud of. We want to make things that matters to us and you. We put our hearts into what we create.
We work with Adobe software and a variety of materials.

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Various projects:

The Agalma ( Animated film in production 2015-2016)
Skærmbillede 2015-12-01 kl. 11.44.29
Floating In Space Music Video – Jacob Faurholt ( Out jan. 2016)
Work in progress
Heartbreak City Music Video – The Goblins ( Lars Iversen, Jacob Bellens 2015)
From the music video 'Heartbreak City', 2015
Golden Eyes – Younolovebunny ( Suncarrot 2014)
From the music video 'golden eyes', 2014
Worlds Words Star – Younolovebunny ( Almost Musique 2013)Desperation 2.0
– Intro + musik til første sæson. (2015)

Art 2014/16:

“Super Glue”, Jacob Faurholt – CD/Vinyl/Digital cover art 2015-2016:
“Future Wife”, Jacob Faurholt – digital single cover
“Shortcut to the minibar (I remember nothing)”, The Hypocrites 2015 digital album art
“Lyden af noget der eksisterer”,Cassette/ digital, Younolovebunny 2015
Lyden af cover222
Use your magic before you die”, stickers
Sticker design, 2014
“Whale”, Younolovebunny T-shirt
T-shirt design, 2014
Almost Musique web banner 2013
Web graphics, 2013
“Hug Monster”, Hammocks 2014 digital
album art